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We enable businesses to become a more sustainable and resilient operation and guide them on the pathway to meeting their net zero goals to help save our planet.

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Where We Started

Our story begins with a simple belief: that our planet will take care of us, as long as we protect it.

This belief originated in the heart and mind of our CEO, Fokhrul Islam (“Fu”). Upon returning to his childhood home in South Asia in 2016, Fu was devastated to see that the place he grew up in was utterly changed by the impacts of global warming – massive floods erased neighbourhoods and natural spaces he once cherished, and the way of life for his family, friends and the locals drastically changed, as they were facing challenges never encountered before.

What Fu experienced would inspire him to develop a solution that would put a stop to the environmental destruction occurring to his childhood home and to the homes of those around him. A solution that would help sustain a world where we can preserve those special places from our childhood memories, and where future generations can create their own. With this ideal in mind, he set up ClearVUE.Business, a collaborative collective driven by sustainability as the core value, attracting a team of passionate individuals who shared his vision of a better future.

Driven by Purpose

This story has been the driving force behind all our actions to secure a safe and stable future for our loved ones and communities for years to come.

As a global family, we have been raised in vastly diverse communities which are all suffering from the side effects of climate change. From suffocating heat waves in South Asia and western Europe; to wildfires in western United States and South Europe; fatal floods in Asia and northern Europe; and countless more devastating natural events, we have all witnessed first-hand the havoc that has negatively transformed life as we know it.

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Beyond Success

That is why for us, the mark of our success is in the good we do for the community in which we work and for the communities that raised us.

We have reduced our emissions close to zero, we are removing carbon from the atmosphere to make better the air that we breathe, we organise frequent beach clean-ups, we plant trees with the aim to offset emissions and we have built a culture around these sustainable goals to generate a lifestyle that has no consequences to our planet. Our teams act as one, and with sustainability and net zero as our unified vision, our values never waver.

However, it has always been in our nature to go beyond. Through our own actions, we want to provide purpose for others to participate in the mission, and undo the damage we have already done to our planet. We want to transform the way the global community prevents future devastation. Success for us is when our belief and purpose takes hold in the hearts and minds of others. As our continuous work inspires companies worldwide to recognise the responsibility they bear in the climate crisis, and drives them to address that responsibility with positive action, we truly feel we are fulfilling our vision and our full potential.

You Can Make a Global Difference

We have only one shot to save our planet and make things right. Nature has nurtured us for many years; now it is our turn to give back.

You have a special opportunity to protect our planet, your community, and the communities of others for generations to come. It starts by addressing your current actions and seeking ways to act in ways that are conducive to the protection of our planet; and we are here to guide you, because we are in this together.

There’s no Planet B. Join us on our journey to save the world.

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Customers Customer preference for sustainable products increased by 26% from 2020 to 2022.
Capital Investors will pay a 10% premium for a company with a positive ESG record.
Talent 2 in 3 employees are more likely to work for a company with strong environmental policies.

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