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Harness the power held within your energy consumption data.

Harness the power held within your energy consumption data.

The ClearVUE.Zero Energy management system gives organisations the power to scrutinise their energy consumption, not just at meter level, but down to individual circuits. With ClearVUE.Zero Energy, organisations can individually view energy data for their lighting, HVAC systems, pumps, compressors, and electrical heaters across their entire business landscape. If it draws power or gas, it can be monitored on the platform.

ClearVUE.Zero Energy empowers businesses with a new perspective on exactly how, and when they’re consuming energy, allowing businesses to take action by eliminating waste, and developing clear reduction and efficiency strategies.

The ClearVUE.Zero Energy monitoring system equips you with the data you need to make timely and impactful decisions to improve the efficiency of your business – on your way to a net zero future.


Powerful energy data analysis – anytime, anywhere

ClearVUE.Zero Energy’s circuit monitoring measures precise electricity, gas, and carbon usage and tracks it in intuitive energy reporting functionalities that can be customised for your organisation. You gain instant insight into when and where energy is being wasted. You get great access to your energy data and on-site performance from anywhere in the world, 24/7.

Data can be aggregated and disaggregated to provide granular and scalable device- and system-level energy intelligence. View and analyse all energy-consuming assets across multiple locations instantly. Group different gas and electricity circuits together from different locations and view individual consumption for asset groups, enabling you to monitor and track your organisation’s energy consumption, carbon emissions, and costs in real time.

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Real-time energy efficiency audit

While the technology itself does not save energy, its real-time energy monitoring at the circuit level can help building managers identify excess or off-schedule energy consumption, safety hazards, faulty building automation system (BAS) settings or overrides, and predict device failures. The energy management software can also be used to incentivize tenants to take actions to reduce their energy use. The visibility and analytical insights provided by this technology promise to be more granular and scalable than data delivered by traditional submetering.

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Scalable to any business size and scope

The ClearVUE.Zero Energy platform is scalable for businesses of any size and sector. Track unlimited assets, sites, and circuits for all your businesses from anywhere around the world. Conducting an energy audit for business is made easy with ClearVUE.Zero Energy.

Measure any commodity from any location around the globe in seconds and easily with ClearVUE’s visually informative and intuitive interface. With ClearVUE. Zero Energy, your business will have the capability of monitoring every energy-consuming asset, down to the circuit level, at speeds not matched by any other energy or carbon management system.

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Automated energy reporting

Make decisions on investments and the potential ROI with more certainty by using real-time, on-demand reports. ClearVUE.Zero Energy’s suite of energy reporting tools lets you produce, in seconds, detailed, boardrood-presentable reports of your business’ gas and power consumption, performance, emissions, and costs. Analysis features compare all your energy fundamentals over different sites and periods, so you can visualise efficiency gains and cost reductions on the platform, or in-depth comparison reporting.

ClearVUE.Zero’s deep and real-time carbon data tracking means your business can create SECR- and ESOS-compliant reports in seconds. You will be able to pinpoint areas of concern that need immediate attention, ensure you prevent energy waste, meet new net zero legislative requirements, and strengthen your sustainability credentials.

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ClearVUE.Energy Features

01 Power and gas analysis

Manage and monitor your power and gas more effectively as ClearVUE.Zero provides your energy data at any interval down to 1-minute granularity and gives you the ability to perform in-depth analysis. The available unit parameters currently include:

  • Power
  • Energy
  • Apparent Power
  • Apparent Energy
  • Voltage
  • Power Factor
  • Load Factor
  • Reactive Power
  • Reactive Energy
  • Cost
  • Volume (for gas)
  • Calorific value (for gas)
  • CO2
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02 Dashboard

ClearVUE.Zero’s landing page provides a comprehensive overview of all your sites and assets. Data-packed widgets will grant you high-level energy data analysis and immediate feedback on the status of your assets and which ones are the most relevant.

03 Multi-parameter Alerts

Alerts in ClearVUE.Zero equips you with an extra layer of control and feedback for your organisation’s energy consumption and carbon emissions performance and usage. You can set up Alerts to notify key staff members of your business via SMS or e-mail whenever consumption, cost, or emission thresholds are exceeded.

For example, if you set an alert based on apparent power (kVA) and a circuit breached this threshold, you would be notified instantly, allowing you to act rapidly and take remedial action – minimising costly excess charges. Alerts can be set on many other parameters, such as kW, kWh, kVAr, power factor, cost, carbon emissions, and more.

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04 Jobs Engine

Analyse and forecast job-specific energy consumption and carbon emissions across your business with custom Jobs in ClearVUE.Zero. Run simulations of processes using multiple assets through the engine and discover how you can lower costs and emissions in advance.

05 Comparison Mode

Comparison tools let you compare energy consumption, costs, and carbon emissions data for individual circuits in your business, making it easy to assess progress and changes in your energy and carbon behaviour.

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06 RAG Mode

If your business energy contract includes DUOS charges, the red-amber-green (RAG) toggle overlays your energy data graph with the zones that represent the peak and non-peak periods of the grid. This will help you schedule high energy-consuming operations during non-peak periods when possible.

07 Virtual Meters

You can create custom virtual meters to act as cost centres of your energy assets from all sites. For example, you can group all compressor machinery from all your locations in a virtual meter, allowing you to compare the performances of these assets.

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08 Custom Granularity

Select your preferred granularity to better visualize your data, from 1 minute to 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, or even multiple years.

09 Downloadable Reports

Real-time energy data loading provides accessible, user-friendly reports. ClearVUE.Zero will simplify key energy and carbon parameters into instantly downloadable formats (JPEG, CSV, PDF). Reports produced by ClearVUE. Zero Energy meet the standards of ESOS, SECR, TCFD, GRI, CDP, ESG, and SASB schemes.

Different types of reports are available, for both power and gas:

  • Consumption report
  • Cost report
  • Comparison report
  • Spreadsheet report
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10 Terminal History Log

The terminal gives a quick view of the information you have selected in the data grid. It also provides a history of your usage of the system, allowing you to jump back to view data selections from earlier in your session.

11 Charged Costs Breakdown

Based on a meter-specific contract, ClearVUE.Zero shows you a full cost breakdown for supplier, DUOS, government, and transport charges in the system.

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"We've had energy reports in the past, and they looked at the whole company. ClearVUE.Zero allows us to pinpoint down to a shop. If we choose to, we can pinpoint it down to a machine, so it really allows us to look very specifically (at our processes). It gives us actual figures - we don't have to work those out. Graphs and pound-note figures make the difference that allows people to actually take action."


“We weren’t being efficient before (using ClearVUE.Zero). Without something like ClearVUE to monitor our energy use, it’s all just guesswork. And that’s the big benefit: having the data right in front of you and you can try something like ‘if we turn the plant off’ or we ‘isolate this room’ (to save money). You can spend a lot of time on the system and probably make your operations even more efficient. The savings we have made with the system have made it worth (getting ClearVUE.Zero).”

Ice Arena Wales

“We are always looking at new ways to make efficiency savings. Before using the ClearVUE system we found it difficult to gain an understanding of what charges were on the half-hourly electricity meters, how much we were paying and what we could do to make reductions. As a result of the analysis data we are already seeing a return on investment.”

Merton Abbey Primary School

“A significant sum has been saved on our bills by knowing we were overspending on an allowance. We are delighted we could react to this issue.”

MDS Recycling Limited

“The ClearVUE system helped us to realise how helpful it is to be able to monitor energy usage. We can now employ best practices across our global operations, cutting consumption and costs and vitally CO2 too.”

Cambridge Fluid Systems
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Customers Customer preference for sustainable products increased by 26% from 2020 to 2022.
Capital Investors will pay a 10% premium for a company with a positive ESG record.
Talent 2 in 3 employees are more likely to work for a company with strong environmental policies.

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